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Active Directory Mindmap Upgrade

The v2022_11 AD mindmap is now available :


Full view is available on orange cyberdefense mindmap site : https://orange-cyberdefense.github.io/ocd-mindmaps/img/pentest_ad_dark_2022_11.svg


  • krbrelayup
  • certifried
  • bind kerberoasting
  • cve-2022-33679
  • zero logon safe
  • details on RBCD
  • ADCS esc9 / esc10
  • details on lateral move
  • details on acl
  • details on relay
  • information on output obtain from commands
  • some tools and other stuff :)

Source code

  • All the Xmind sources are available on the Orange Cyberdefense mindmap repository : https://github.com/Orange-Cyberdefense/ocd-mindmaps
  • The source and the AD mindmap contains was migrated from the arsenal repository to a dedicated repo. This is due to the CSP limitations when you look an svg on github (with a github page no problems).
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